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Austin Tarot Therapy




Nothing starts a conversation like a good tarot read. 

I have done everything from huge corporate parties to small get-togethers. Regardless of the size, magic will happen.

I am very professional and reliable. 

Tarot gets people talking, so you don't have to do the small talk.

I don't have a system because parties have their own vibes, but I adapt very quickly.

For example, if it is a huge party with lots of interested guests, I can connect very quickly with five-minute reads. And yes, I can connect that quickly, even in noisy, crowded environments. 

Sometimes, a group prefers to have readings around a circle of friends. This is very cool, but it's not recommended unless you're willing to share your vulnerabilities with the group. Other times, I have a quiet spot where guests can receive readings with a little more privacy. 

Regardless of the vibe, I adapt to the energy very quickly.

Don't worry, I don't get dark as a tarot reader. My role is to use the cards to divine with your spirit guides to help you live up to your fullest potential. I believe that people have agency based on the choices they make in their daily lives. Tarot helps guide you in making the best choices for YOU. 

So, whatever you are looking for, I'm here to bring good vibes and magic to your next party.  Contact me now to discuss more details.

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