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Your Spirit Team

Marissa Salazar

Linda is one of the kindest, wisest, and most passionate people I’ve ever met. Her guidance has helped me overcome numerous obstacles, which has led me to understand myself better than I ever have before. I feel incredibly comfortable and safe when talking with her and always look forward to our sessions together.


I'm Linda O'Neal, founder of Good Thoughts NLP and Austin Tarot Therapy.


I've been an Austin tarot reader for many years, and I believe in the power of tarot to provide insight and healing.

Whether you seek personal guidance or spiritual healing, I am here to help.

I call on my "team spirits" and yours to get the clarity you need to become unstuck.

I was an educator for 15 years. When I resigned, I pursued certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the INLP Center. I'm also verified by Psychology Today.

I'm passionate about helping people


My Approach

Buddhist, Teacher, and NLP Practitioner

I combine my Buddhist background, 15 years as an educator, and four years as an NLP and Mindfulness Coach with Tarot. 

It's hard to get "unstuck," even when we know what to do. Sometimes, we need guidance, validation, and whispers of confidence from our ancestors that we are on the right path. 

If you want non-judgemental guidance with a background in therapy, make an appointment.

Tarot Therapy is concentrated therapy when you want it with a sprinkle of magic.


Jose Gonzalez, Ontario

She's been my rock during really tough times. She helped me get out of a toxic work environment. Within a month, I found a better job with more pay. She's like a sister me.

Juan Jean, LA

I loved my reading. Your energy was great and described my life and situation perfect. Also she was great to converse with on a personal level! 

Bianca S, Austin

She connects so fast. But also, she's a master at helping you find the root of why you do what you do. Everytime I see her, it's like therapy.

Fast. Friendly. Accurate.


Wanna Book Way Ahead or Have Questions?

Yarrow and Sage Trailer

701. E. 53rd St

Austin, TX

Tel: 512 - 680 - 7000

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