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Let The Cards Divine

Austin Tarot Therapy

Hey There!

​My name is Linda, and every day, I see how impactful tarot can be in someone's life. Before becoming a tarot reader, I sought out tarot readers and psychics when I felt unsettled. When I needed someone to guide me, I wanted it right then. I didn't want to find a therapist only to find out that they didn't take my insurance or that they weren't taking clients.  


I am an intuitive tarot reader and mental health counselor. My passion lies in helping people. I was a high school social studies teacher for 15 years and resigned after COVID to read tarot cards professionally.  It brings me immense joy to offer my services and support as you find your path. I take my craft very seriously. Before each session, I connect with my spirit guides and yours. ​​

You will leave my readings feeling more peaceful. I promise. 



I have been booked by SXSW, Kuya Wellness, Society, WhereWhenWhatAustin, Hyatt, and others.


I know how to get through a crowd fast! If you have a big crowd and limited time, not to worry.  I am a fast reader and can give meaningful readings in five minutes.

Large, chaotic party?

No problem.

Having a reunion of old friends and want to connect on a deeper level?

Trust me, tarot is perfect if you want more than a surface level gathering.

Tarot Workshop!

What You'll Get In This Workshop


You'll be reading tarot by the end of the day to strangers without looking up the meanings of the cards.


You'll receive a free workbook to take home so can practice on your own.

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 7.40.07 AM.png


You'll receive a free Rider-Waite Tarot deck.


Sunday, July 14th

12:30-4:30 pm

Yarrow and Sage South Austin location


You'll be able to attend weekly tarot meetups for free at Yarrow and Sage's South Austin location on Wednesdays. 


You'll be fed delicious vegan food from Bistro Vonish and Zuchinni Kills


You'll have a basic understanding of both the major and minor arcana cards. Yep... in just one day.

Marissa Salazar

Linda is one of the kindest, wisest, and most passionate people I’ve ever met. Her guidance has helped me overcome numerous obstacles, which has led me to understand myself better than I ever have before. I feel incredibly comfortable and safe when talking with her and always look forward to our sessions together.


My Approach

Buddhist, Teacher, and NLP Practitioner

I combine my Buddhist background, 15 years as an educator, and four years as an NLP and Mindfulness Coach with Tarot. 

It's hard to get "unstuck," even when we know what to do. Sometimes, we need guidance, validation, and whispers of confidence from our ancestors that we are on the right path. 

If you want non-judgemental guidance with a background in therapy, make an appointment.

Tarot Therapy is concentrated therapy when you want it with a sprinkle of magic.


Clear, Accurate, Confidential

I offer in-depth tarot readings with a Buddhist perspective. Let's work toward your highest good using the cards to connect with your ancestors and spirit guides.  Let's be guided in the present moment so that we have less anxiety about our future. I'm deeply grateful and humbled by the opportunity to connect with spirits to serve you better. Witnessing profound transformation and growth in my clients is an extraordinary privilege. All sessions are conducted with utmost care and confidentiality, ensuring a safe space to connect. Rest assured, the readings are authentic.


My Interview with
Voyage Austin

Learn more about my journey

Community Highlights: Meet Linda O’Neal of Austin Tarot Therapy

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Become a Better Reader with This Workbook!
Learn How to Read Tarot Workbook

Learning tarot but having a hard time trusting your intuition?


This workbook is designed to help you "anchor" the cards' meanings so you can start using your intuition.


Stop looking up the meanings of the cards! 


You Got This.

I am a former high school teacher, so you know I know worksheets! 


I really believe this workbook will help you learn the cards.

Tarot is a safe space to get clarity


Got Questions? Send a Message or Call!

Yarrow and Sage Trailer

701. E. 53rd St

Austin, TX

Tel: 512 - 680 - 7000

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Having trouble making an appointment or if you're uncomfortable paying with credit, then call to make an appointment. 512-680-7000

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