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Get Peace and Clarity with Tarot Therapy

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Hi! I'm Linda O'Neal, founder of Good Thoughts NLP and Austin Tarot Therapy.


I believe in the power of tarot to provide insight and healing for our clients. I am committed to helping you discover the story within yourself and use it to unlock new perspectives and find clarity.


We use tarot as a tool to help you gain insight into your life and help you to make decisions from a place of understanding and self-awareness. Whether you seek personal guidance or spiritual healing, we are here to help.

I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer from the INLP Center, verified by Psychology Today, and a member of ICF, the International Coaching Federation. 

I also love tarot.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


People Are Talking

…you won’t be disappointed!


So just had an amazing reading at Little Darlin and it spoke to some things that had been affecting my life very heavily recently. I feel a lot more at ease now thanks to you.                                                      


I loved my reading. Your energy was great and described my life and situation perfect. Also she was great to converse with on a personal level! 


Linda is one of the kindest, wisest, and most passionate people I’ve ever met. Her guidance has helped me overcome numerous obstacles, which has led me to understand myself better than I ever have before. I feel incredibly comfortable and safe when talking with her and always look forward to our sessions together.

                                          -Marissa S. 



coming soon

I am located in the trailer at Yarrow and Sage, 701 E. 53rd St, Austin, TX. I regularly post my hours on my Instagram account, @austintarottherapy, or you can check the calendar on Yarrow and Sage's website. You can also reach out and email me at, and you can you text me at 512-680-7000.


How to Read Intuitively

Workbook Coming Soon.

Coming soon



Yarrow and Sage Trailer

701. E. 53rd St

Austin, TX

Tel: 512 - 680 - 7000

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