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Learn How to Read Tarot Intuitively!
Without using the book

Step into the world of tarot by enhancing your intuitive reading skills!

What You'll Learn:


  • Foundations of Intuitive Reading: Gain a solid understanding of the tarot system, including card meanings and symbolism, while discovering how to break free from rigid interpretations.


  • Awakening Your Intuition: Learn to quiet the mind, open the heart, and create a receptive space for insights to flow naturally.


  • Personal Symbolism: Understand how your experiences, emotions, and cultural background influence your interpretation of tarot cards. 


  • Card Synergy and Storytelling: Learn how to view tarot spreads as interconnected narratives. ​


  • Ethical and Responsible Reading: Explore the ethics of tarot reading and how to approach sensitive topics with compassion and responsibility. Learn to empower clients without disempowering them.


  • Intuition in Practice: Delve into real-life case studies, exercises, and sample spreads that encourage you to put your intuitive skills to use. Embrace the art of embracing ambiguity and trusting your inner guidance.


  • Cultivating Confidence: Overcome self-doubt and enhance your confidence as a tarot reader. Embrace your unique interpretation style and develop a personal connection with your cards.

Early Bird Special until May 16th

Limited Time, Limited Seats

$197 after May 16th

$157 Early Bird Special

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