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Intuitive Tarot Workshop


Learn to Read Tarot in One Day

You'll be giving readings for STRANGERS by the end of the day, WITHOUT LOOKING UP THE MEANINGS.

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But How?

How Am I Going to learn EVERYTHING about TAROT in ONE day?

Okay... you're not going to learn EVERYTHING about tarot. But you will know enough to read for a stranger by the end of the day.​

Tarot takes practice. This workshop is to help you get out of your head so that you're not looking at the meaning of every card you pull.

If you look up the cards' meanings on the Internet or in the little booklet your cards came with, you are not using your intuition.

The whole point of tarot is to help you tap into your intuition, to teach you to trust yourself, and give you comfort so that you have the courage to live up to your highest good.

However, learning to trust yourself is a process. This workshop is thoughtfully designed to equip you with practical tools, such as anchors, to enhance your intuitive understanding of the cards.


What You'll Get

by the end of this ONE day workshop


Your Own Workbook to Practice At Home

My workbook has over 50 pages of everything we'll cover in this workshop, PLUS card layouts so you can practice at home. I've gotten amazing feedback on this workbook, even though I know I can improve it. But hey, done is better than perfect, right? I know it will help you because people have said it has helped them.


Free Tarot Meetups at Yarrow and Sage

Those who join this workshop will have access to our Tarot meetups on Slaughter at Yarrow and Sage's South Store.

These meetups are for tarot readers of all levels to practice with strangers. We will focus on a tarot topic at each meetup, whether talking about a card, an element, or whatever. There is so much to learn about tarot. 

These meetups are open to the general public for a nominal fee of $10. However, as a valued customer, your entry is always free.


Your Own Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Bring your own deck AND get a free Rider-Waite Deck. We will be learning tarot from the traditional Rider-Waite Deck. If you have a non-traditional tarot deck, please bring it! It's really cool to see how different artists interpret tarot meanings. For example, an artist may interpret the 4 of Cups as someone who is ruminating rather than meditating. Which is it? This is where your intuition comes in, and I will teach you how to tap into it. 


I'm gonna feed you

We will have Beet Piroshky with Cabbage, & Seitan from the amazing vegan trailer, Bistro Vonish and vegan/gluten-free cookies from Zuchinni Kills.

Testimonials From My November Workshop


"This was so much fun!I knew a bit about tarot coming in but very much relied on books/internet to interpret them. Now I feel more confident in using my own thoughts/interpretations and to read for others (family and friends.)


"I loved this. I feel so much more confident at reading the cards without running to the book first."


"Thank you for putting this together! It's so great to come together like this in community. I iked how we stepped throught cards, especially your insight on the court cards."


“This class was so much fun! I learned a lot and became more confident in my ability to read."


"I had such a great time and learned more about tarot during this time than I have over the past few months casually reading fomr myself."


"I love the atmosphere and group size. I never saw myself attending something like this, but I'm glad I did. I'm excited to go more in depth with the workbook and mix my decks."


"I absolutely loved this workshop. It was everything I wanted and more. I came in with little to no knowledge on tarot reading and I am in awe about how much I learned..."

Carrie McCormick

"I have tons more confidence after this workshop and I look forward to doing readings now!"

Mariah B.

“Love the flow of the class. This was a fantastic experience and it grew my understanding immensely...”
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